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July 29, 2011

Dames on Vacation

“Human nature, dear, is very much the same everywhere.” Miss Marple.


Last week I took my family to the shores of Delaware in a less than idyllic setting.  Roaches, mosquitos, fleas,and bed bugs. Oh my!! What was supposed to be a relaxing retreat ended in red welts, flat tires, and bored teenagers. I had left everything at home in an attempt to get away from it all. I had packed, along with my swimsuit and tanning lotion, a summer title taken from the New York Times best seller list. You see I was taking a break from Agatha as well. Or so I thought.

To get my mind off the horror house I had rented for the week (and abandoned after two days!) I found myself wandering the aisles of the local bookstores in search of  Christie titles I had yet to read. I needed the comfort of the familiar,and though the book I had brought with me was engaging, it was that elderly spinster I needed to right my disastrous trip.

The Browse About Bookstore and Cafe in Rehoboth Beach had an entire display dedicated to Dame Aggie. I bought myself a cup of coffee and looked about the shop a bit before settling on the books I would buy. I purchased A Pocket Full Of Rye and 4:50 To Paddington. With two books I also received a lovely tote bearing the signature and photo of  Christie. I was quite pleased and left the shop feeling cheered,but still determined not to read her books until I returned home from vacation.

The next day included a visit to Bethany Beach as my tour of bug free motels continued.  In addition to Atlantic Books, the little beach town is also home to Bethany Beach Books. A  quaint shop that rest a block from the beach and is also near Madeleine’s where I found  the best frozen coffee I’ve ever tasted!  The book shop had a large selection of current titles and local interest books. I made my way up and down each aisle,but was unable to find any Agatha Christie novels. I enquired at the desk where they might be only to be informed her books were not carried at the shop.

Had I not heard correctly? A bookstore that doesn’t include the Queen of Mystery among its titles? Really?  I can’t recall ever coming across such a place! After picking up my jaw,and my frozen coffee, I strolled out the front door. A bookstore without Aggie was going to be a bookstore without me!

I’ve been feeling very protective of the old girl,and missing her more than I thought I would. I hurried onto the beach and tossed aside my vacation read and happily opened a worn copy of They Do It With Mirrors that I had packed in case of an emergency. The yellowed pages  welcomed me,and in the hot sun I began to read. All was right in my world again.