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April 13, 2020

In Isolation With Agatha Christie


Agatha House 6How is everyone doing? It’s been thirty days since I’ve left my house. You would think I could have read a number of books in that amount of time, but the truth is I’m just finishing up A Murder is Announced and have only begun They Do It With Mirrors.

I’ve been thinking a lot how Agatha Christie lived through the flu pandemic of 1918 and how similar that was in many ways to what we are experiencing now. She¬† must have felt very isolated. There wouldn’t have been Face Book to update her status or post selfies, and absolutely no Face Time or Zoom meetings.

In 1918, Agatha would have just been settling in with her husband Archie at their flat in London. He had been reassigned there in 1917. I have not yet read her autobiography, but given her nursing experience in the war, I wonder if she also used those skills to help others during the pandemic.

What is everyone doing to help themselves through this time? In addition to reading, I’m working on a short story that is due the end of June. I’m also hooked on a show on Acorn called 800 Words. I’ve been walking a mile or two most days and meditating and doing Qi Gong daily. It has really helped in keeping up my spirits. IMG_20180227_072116834_HDR

I’d love to hear what everyone is up to, whether you’re reading Christie or not, and how you are passing these sometimes endless days.

Until next week, I hope you all stay well and keep reading!