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March 17, 2020

The Body in the Library


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What to do when a  platinum blond is found dead in your library?  It would be unbelievable, especially if you knew no one who might fit that description. The Colonel and Mrs. Bantry felt quite the same way upon hearing the news.

In this second Miss Marple mystery, Agatha Christie takes us away from St. Mary Mead and off to a hotel by the seaside. When murder lands on your doorstep, or in your library as the case may be, there is no better friend to have than Jane Marple.

Mrs. Bantry is more excited than she probably should be and wants her dear friend Jane to play detective with her. Once checked in at the Majestic Hotel they find more than one person that are not shedding any tears over poor Ruby Keene’s death.

In addition to the murder, there is another mystery to solve with the disappearance of Girl Guide Pamela Reeves. Are they somehow connected?

Miss Marple bases her theories on parallels of everyday life in St. Mary Mead, and though they seem to not have much to do with the case, in the end it is through them she is able to piece together what happened and find the culprit.

Did you find this story as interesting as Murder at the Vicarage? I must say I was at first disappointed to leave St. Mary Mead, but was soon enough engrossed in this mystery. I also thought it interesting that the two victims had such similar last names, Keene and Reeves. I’m not sure it had anything to do with the story, it just caught my eye.

I’m still trying to get my hands on a copy of The Tuesday Club Murders [also known as The Thirteen Problems] but even the library couldn’t find me one. Next week we will read The Moving Finger. I think for now I will stick with novels and leave the short stories for another time.

Please remember to comment below. Have a wonderful week and remember you can read while practicing social distancing. Oh, and wash your hands!