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June 29, 2020

A Caribbean Mystery



I’ve never been to the Caribbean, but I’ve been keen to go since I was about twelve and read an article in Modern Bride magazine about the best places to honeymoon. In fact, I’m pretty excited to go just about anywhere considering I’ve been in my house for roughly 104 days.

The beach, any beach, is my favorite place to be. I don’t think Miss Marple was feeling quite the same way, however. Instead of enjoying the vacation arranged by her devoted nephew, she resumes the same activities she enjoys at home in England, knitting and meddling.

We are given very little information about the sunny beaches, and balmy breezes, but learn a great deal about how tourist love their exotic tropical drinks with umbrellas. There’s plenty going on here, wife swapping, drug taking, an abundance of drinking, and people trying to escape who they are or might become.

Agatha Christie is superior at capturing the essence of her time. As Miss Marple goes along through the years, she embraces the changes around her. Though the format of the books remain the same, which is basically a locked room mystery, the stories are great commentaries on their times. You can read a Marple book and will be able to tell the era without checking the publication date. 0223201237

I must admit I prefer the books that has Miss Marple in her beloved village of St. Mary Mead, but I certainly can appreciate how her world expands over time.  However, that being said, this novel was the first I’ve read of hers where I felt she cheated a little bit. In the end where Miss Marple gives her summary, she reveals a clue that was not known to the reader until that moment. And, of course, it was that exact clue that helped her to identify the murderer. I was disappointed in that.

If you enjoy mysteries and like to dream of sunny islands and fruity tropical drinks, you may enjoy a series called Death in Paradise. It’s an enjoyable show with beautiful scenery. If you watch a lot of shows on BBC you may recognize some of the guest stars. The ninth season has aired and can be seen on Amazon Prime.


My happy place and a good spot to read 

The next Agatha Christie book we will be reading is  At Bertram’s Hotel.

Stay safe and enjoy the week!