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March 29, 2020

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

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“Strange,” he murmured. “We all have the little grey cells. And so few of us know how to use them.”       -Hercule Poirot


Today marks sixteen days I have been on the social distancing plan. I haven’t been any further than my own backyard.My husband ventures out to work and picks up anything we need. One thing he was unable to get for me was this week’s book. As I’m sure you are aware the libraries are all closed. You can’t even return books because they’ve locked the return bins.

I was also unable to secure the book online from the library, but did place a hold on it. Just goes to show you how popular Agatha Christie still is 100 years later! So, I did the next best thing; I watched it on the Acorn station. Are you familiar with Acorn? It’s similar to Britbox [I have both] and features movies and television programs from “across the pond.” If you enjoy Masterpiece Theater and Mystery, you will be interested in the programming on these stations.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was well done and featured my favorite Poirot, David Suchet. It was a bit different from the other Poirot stories. This one is basically told by Poirot himself as he reads from the murderer’s journal. See? Apparently writing in your journal daily helps everyone!The story gives nothing away until the very end, and I was surprised. I thought the butler did it at first. When he ended up among the victims I knew I was either wrong or he was a clever killer.

The show was well cast. Hastings does not make an appearance in this one which made me feel rather glad. Though I like the character of Hastings and Hugh Fraser, the actor who portrays him, I think he was miscast. In the books Hastings seems much younger.

The next Poirot book should be The Big Four. I hope to be able to read it, it’s not one that I own. If the book is unavailable, then we will once again discuss the show.

Keep reading and let me know what books you enjoy whether they are Christie or not. I wish you well and stay home if you are able and remember to wash, wash, wash your hands!