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May 4, 2020

A Pocket Full of Rye



Most mornings my breakfast looks like the photo above. Sometimes I vary it a little and have oatmeal or cheese toast, but one thing I never add is taxine. Poor Rex Fortescue wasn’t as lucky. I suppose if you live in a place called Yewtree Lodge you might expect your poison to come from nearby.¬† Taxine is a toxic chemical that comes from¬† Yew berries, needles or bark.

“Give me a decent bottle of poison, and I’ll construct the perfect crime,” is believed to have been said by Agatha Christie. Who would doubt it? She seems to use this method of murder more than any other in her novels. Her work as an apothecary’s assistant in the First World War in the local hospital dispensary gave her the knowledge she would later use in her mysteries.

This book is also the first of four titles that refer to nursery rhymes, this being the only one which features Miss Marple. Two other books are in the Poirot series and the third is a stand alone. She also uses nursery rhymes to title some short stories as well such as Three Blind Mice. I think that’s interesting considering most nursery rhymes aren’t as innocent as they seem.

I’m working my way through the seventh Marple mystery, 4:50 From Paddington, this week. No one has been poisoned… yet, but it does involve a train, something else that is frequently used by Miss Christie.

I had hoped to read one Poirot novel and one Marple a week, but things are not working out that way. I think I’m going to complete the Miss Marple series first then pick up the Poirot mysteries where we left off. I hope some of you are able to check out the mysteries on film if you’re unable to read the novels.

Keep reading and stay healthy!