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March 23, 2020

The Moving Finger

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Today marks Day 9 of my social distancing. I’ve only been as far as my mailbox since last Saturday. How is everyone handling things out there? I haven’t been bored, that’s for sure! I have plenty to read and numerous shows I would like to catch up on. Since last week I’ve been watching Unforgotten on Amazon Prime. It originally was on PBS, but I missed it. If you are looking for a fabulous show with brilliant writing and an engaging cast,  and I can only assume you all enjoy mysteries, then you must give this show a look.

This past week I’ve been reading The Moving Finger and, I’ll admit, I’m not finished yet. I had a hard time getting into the story and had a really, really hard time with the racist comments. And where’s Miss Marple? I’m on page 92 and her name hasn’t even been mentioned yet.  It’s disappointing. I like Miss Marple and want her to be a part of this story. The Burton siblings aren’t that interesting. And I find it curious that the house they are renting is owned by a Miss Barton. Why are their names so similar? Will that play a part later in the story?

I’m very interested in other opinions about this book. Are you all offended by the way she refers to the Chinese? If you were unfamiliar with Christie’s work, would this cause you to not read further? I don’t think this particular book is going to rank among my favorites.

I don’t have many more pages to go before I’m finished with this one, and I hope it is more engaging for me as it goes on Next up is A Murder is Announced. Until next week, stay well and stay home(if you are able)!