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March 30, 2020

A Murder is Announced


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Well, it’s official. The Governor here in Maryland has proclaimed an executive order for the next three weeks. I don’t think the libraries will be opening anytime soon and I’m pretty sure book stores haven’t been deemed essential businesses. However, we can all still continue reading our Agatha Christie novels. A little murder will take our mind off the world outside.

This week for Marple Monday we are reading A Murder is Announced. Imagine opening up your newspaper, or even reading on Facebook, that a murder was to take place at your house later that very day! Just as the residents of  Chipping Cleghorn assumed, we also would believe it to be a game or, at the very least, a joke. It was no joke when the townspeople gather at Little Paddocks that evening expecting a mystery game only to find themselves witnesses to a real murder.

Christie, in this novel, shows again her fascination with names. Pay close attention. Her characters seem often to share similar sounding names which is sometimes part of her plot, but I think mostly she is trying to mislead her reader. It leaves us thinking, “Is this important? Is this a clue?”

I am relieved to see Miss Marple makes a much earlier appearance in this book than last week’s selection. I’m still interested in seeing if The Moving Finger is part of the Miss Marple series on television. I wonder if it will play out better on screen than it did on the page. I have a feeling the racist remarks would be removed. At least I’d hope so.

I am enjoying this book much more than I did the last one. The further I read, the more sure I am that I’ve read this book before, though I don’t recall what happens. It seems I’ll have plenty of time over the next few weeks to catch up on all my reading!

Please let me know what you’re reading, even if it isn’t an Agatha Christie book. Let’s get some conversations going and keep each other company. Next week we will read They Do It with Mirrors.

Wishing you all a happy day and good health!