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June 22, 2020

Summer Nights

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We are taking a brief pause from Agatha Christie this week until I finish reading A Caribbean Mystery. Actually, I’m still waiting for it from the library so I can read the final pages.

In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on a few shows. You probably know by now that I love television. I’m often teased about the odd information and knowledge I’ve gained from my numerous hours in front of the small screen. I’m convinced, however, that someday these tidbits will win me big bucks on a game show.

I grew up in a tiny little area of South Baltimore called Federal Hill. It’s quite expensive and glamorous now, but in my day it was filled with blue-collar workers, families who’d lived there for generations ever since their ancestors had made the journey from Ireland, Germany or Poland to the States. Television was a big deal. You worked for it. It was your reward for a good report card or for scrubbing the marble front steps without complaint.FullSizeRender (26)

In the summer, our neighbors would collect their folding chairs and settle out front, their feet propped up on the bottom steps and their television settled on the top steps. Sometimes Daddy would hook up our large fan to the extension cord so we’d catch a breeze. After our baths, Mom would braid our hair and my sister and I would sit outside in our baby-doll pajamas to watch a program with our grandparents.

“Hey, hon, what you watchin?” Miss Ag would yell down the block to my grandmother. This would begin a conversation with all the neighbors on what show was on, what channel, and a recap of what had happened. We all drank iced tea and, if we were lucky, Daddy would walk up to Miss Edna’s corner store and get us each a snowball. They are some of the happiest summer memories of my childhood.0731181604

Now I live in a house with a porch. We don’t watch television outside, but I do write out there [I call it my Summer Office] and occasionally we have our meals there at the table. Television watching happens in the Family Room. My children aren’t much interested in the programs I enjoy, so I usually sit and knit or put together a puzzle while I’m watching.

I’ve clocked a lot of TV hours since the pandemic started. Acorn is one of my favorite stations. I love the shows Brokenwood and The Loch. On Netflix I finally finished all three seasons of Broadchurch. My love of David Tennant sent me to Amazon Prime to watch Good Omens.

It was on Amazon that I discovered my new favorite show. Spirited, starring Matt King and Claudia Karvan, is an Australian series that aired for two seasons from 2010-2011.  It’s a wonderful program, full of mystery and romance, but funny, too. The show tells the story of Suzy, a dentist and mother, who leaves her narcissistic husband and moves to a luxury apartment only to discover it’s haunted by Henry, a British punk rock star. It’s similar to the Ghost and Mrs. Muir, but much more interesting. I’ve now seen every episode and I’m not ashamed to say I’m watching it for a second time.

What is on your Must Watch list this summer? Let me know in the comments below. FullSizeRender (54)

Stay safe and I’ll check in with you next week!